Our Irish mythology adventure begins with a timid, animal-loving, 11-year-old, named Laure Griffin, who lives with her family in the west of Ireland.
When her pet lamb becomes gravely ill, she unwittingly calls for
the help of a powerful Sidhe Goddess from an ancient realm.
However, the youngest member of this mythical tribe decides to
tag along too and a magical friendship begins.

But the Sidhe are in danger! The Féth Fíada – a violet mist that
protects and sustains them, is fading. It can only be made when
the sun and the full moon shine into the mound of Knowth, at
the same time on the equinox.

Strangely, one of the passages is blocked! With only hours until
the full moon rises, Laura embarks on a perilous journey to
save the Sidhe realm and her best friend, before they disappear

Laura soon discovers that there are darker forces at play –
deadlier than she could ever have imagined…

Where it all began

The Irish mythology story of ‘The Violet Mist’ began with a pet lamb we had called ‘Leo’. Leo became very ill with pneumonia and sadly passed away. We were heartbroken.

Shortly afterwards I was packing away old books that I never got around to reading and a small book about fairies by Doreen Virtue fell out onto the floor. It was open at a page about Fairy Queen Oonagh of Connaught. I had never heard of her before, so I Googled her and a picture of a beautiful woman with long blond hair down to her toes, popped up on the screen. She had a pet lamb by her side, so I was immediately intrigued. One search led to another and another until I uncovered a plethora of old Irish mythical characters of An Tuatha de Danann who are now known as 'the Sidhe'.

Over the next couple of months, I read everything I could about An Tuatha Dé Danann and visited the sacred sites around Ireland that are connected to this mystical race. I had never considered myself a writer but in the Summer of 2014, drawing on my own characters i.e my children and their pets, and with a big dollop of imagination, ‘The Violet Mist ‘started to take shape.

About the author

Siobhán Lally is a born and bred Galwegian. She worked as a critical care nurse for most of her adult life before embarking on a writing career. Siobhán developed a huge interest in Irish mythology about 10 years ago and started compiling little stories that she hoped would introduce younger people to the magic of ancient Ireland.
When Siobhán was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018, she had to take a year off work to have treatment. She found writing very therapeutic during that time and from there, 'The Violet Mist' was born.
Siobhán still works as a critical care nurse and lives in County Galway with her husband, son, three daughters, two dogs, four cats, three sheep, two horses, two donkeys, twenty-eight hens and one duck.

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