Fintan the ancient

Fintan mac Bóchra, which means ‘Son of the sea’, was also known as ‘Fintan the white haired Ancient’. He was a great mythical seer and sage who lived for 5500 years. He therefore had detailed knowledge of historical events. Fintan is said to have come to Ireland with Cessair (Noah’s granddaughter), two men and fifty-one […]


Conn is the youngest of the infamous ‘Children of Lir’. He has three older siblings, his sister, Fionnuala, his brother, Aodh and his twin, Fiachra. The story of Conn and his family has been recorded as one of the most tragic and sorrowful tales in Irish mythology. They lived quiet happily for a short time […]


lugh irish mythology

Lugh is one of the most prominent members of An Tuatha Dé Danann. He is often referred to as Lugh ‘Samildánach’ meaning equally skilled in many disciplines. He is sometimes called Lugh ‘Lamfada’ meaning Lugh of the long arm, possibly due to his skill with a spear. He is a warrior, a king, a master […]


According to the Irish mythology, Lir was a fierce warrior and one of the gods of the Tuatha de Danann. He was a powerful god of the sea, although his son, Manannán mac Lir, seems to have taken over his position as sea god and so features more prominently in stories. It is probable that […]


Goibniu was the god of smithcraft and creator of weapons for An Tuatha Dé Danann. His name is derived from the Irish word for smith – an Gobha. It is said that he could forge a weapon with only three blows from his hammer.  He is usually named together with his brothers, Credné, the bronze-worker […]


Finvarra, also known as Finn Bheara or Fionnbharr, was the King of Connaught with An Tuatha De Danann. After the Milesian invasion, Finvarra and his counterparts negotiated a truce that allowed An Tuatha to remain in Ireland but only in the underground mounds, hillsand caves. According to the legend, he lived on the hill of Knockma, near Tuam, […]


eriu irish mythology

The Goddess Ériu is one of the most famous of all the old Irish personalities mainly because Ireland is named after her – Éire being the old Irish word for Ireland.  Ériu is considered the goddess of Irish sovereignty and the mother figure associated with the abundance of the land.  Throughout the centuries she has […]


nuada irish mythology

Nuada was the first king of the powerful Tuatha dé Danann. While Nuada was associated with hunting and fishing, he was better known for his role as King and warrior.  He was a sensible ruler – he saw the potential in all members of his court. He was generous and fair. Nuada made just laws […]


Ogma is another gifted god of the Tuatha dé Danann. He is said to be the son of the Dagda, although some texts describe him as his brother. He was the god of language, eloquent speech, learning and writing. Ogma was also a poet. He was said to be the fairest of the gods in […]

Dian Cecht

Dian Cécht was the god of healing for An Tuatha Dé Danann. He is most famous for making a silver prosthetic arm for King Nuada when he lost his arm in the first battle of Moytura. Nuada could no longer serve as King as he was not ‘whole’ and ready to defend his people. Bres […]