Oonagh was known as a goddess and fairy queen. She originally came from the Hill of Knockshigowna in County Tipperary which used to be called Knockshegouna – the Hill of Oonagh. She married the King of Connaught, Finvarra, and took up residence in his castle on the Hill of Knockma, near Tuam in County Galway. Her name comes from the Irish word ‘Uan’ meaning ‘lamb’.

She was said to be the most beautiful of An Tuatha dé Danann, so beautiful that it is said that no one could look at her without being rendered speechless. She had silky, golden hair that was so long, it swept the ground as she walked barefoot on the earth. 

Oonagh was beautiful inside and out. She was the goddess of nature, love, devotion, music, and dance and was the protector of animals. She loved all living things, especially newborn lambs, calves and all creatures connected to spring. 

She was also a master of illusion and glamour and had a unique ability to blend into her environment to avoid recognition.

Her silver gossamer dress was believed to be studded with diamonds but was actually made of sparkling dew. She was also a shapeshifter and could turn into any animal so she could roam the countryside undetected. Oonagh is totally at one with nature.  Her hair touching the ground and walking barefoot, allowed her to be connected to the earth. She carried with her a purse of powerful healing crystals which she obtained from deep within the earth’s core. She also wore crystals on her toes that tingled gently as she walked. 

Above all else, Oonagh loved to dance. Ballet was her favourite as it resembles the dancing of flowers and trees in the breeze.        

​Oonagh’s strength was her gentleness. Her wisdom and ability to resolve conflicts peacefully were often called upon by her husband and her counterparts in An Tuatha dé Dannan. It is said that it was Oonagh’s idea not to fight the Milesians when they invaded Ireland, but to retreat to the mounds and hills where they could live peacefully and continue to watch over Ireland.


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